Jordan's Natural Acres

Welcome to Jordan's Natural Acres Farm


  •  Quality products produced through sustainable farming methods, for a greener tomorrow.
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Welcome to Jordan's Natural Acres farm, located on Gaspereau Mtn. outside of Wolfville. Here in this scenic rural setting our goal is to produce quality locally grown meat and eggs that are healthier for the you and more environmentally friendly.You ask how are we more environmentally friendly? Well we don't use any sprays or chemicals on any fields or pastures. What we do use is manure from our own livestock and the occasional application of lime.

By buying local you are:

- Receiving fresher, better quality food

- Investing in the economy in your area

- Reducing pollution, by reducing transportation distances

- allowing the farmers you know, to earn a decent return for their product.

You can buy from us at four different locations:


  • Wolfville Farmers Market; Every Saturday 8:30 am-1:00 pm  
  • Kentville Farmers Market; May to November 10:00 am- 2:00 pm. 
  • Our farm (see contact us link)
  • We also have a variety of ordering options, that includes delivery and bulk (just check out the links on the left)